History of the Guild

For the first time in Russia the «Guild of bankers and notable merchants» has been founded by Peter I in 1721. Peter I has visited many European countries and was convinced of utility of Guilds for the state system.

After returning to Russia, it had been published Regulations from 16 of January 1721 in which to the Main city council has been enjoined to divide all regular citizens on two guilds, to the first guild have been carried: «bankers, notable merchants, city doctors, druggists, skippers of the merchant ships, jewelers, icon painters, painters», and to the second — «which trade in the petty goods, craftsmen, carving men, turners, joiners, tailors, shoemakers and the similar».

It is necessary to notice that among everybody, financiers were on the first place in Guilds and their opinion was always considered by local authorities. In the course of time functions of financial regulation passed to the state, but the Guild was always open for bankers, merchants, government officials and persons of nobility. In 1917 after revolution, class division in Russia has been abolished. The guild has stopped existence for many years.

In the early nineties Russia has returned to market principles of economy. Preparation for restoration of «Financiers guild» has taken some years. 22 of June 1994 the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation had been registered Regional social union «FINANCIERS GUILD».

Initiators of Guild revival were representatives of the state financial structures, rectors of financial Institutions of Higher Education, scientists-financiers who are a part of founders of Guild till now. The first deputy of the Minister of Finance V.A.Petrov, the rector of Financial academy at the Government of the Russian Federation A.G.Grjaznova were leaders of movement. The big organizational work was made by the executive chief of Guild V.A.Kornilov.

From 1994 for 2009 in regions of Russia the big network of branches has been created. Members of the Guild participated in many all-Russian projects, carried out the state orders directed on development of a financial infrastructure, participated in working out of new laws, in carrying out of scientific researches; the congresses, conferences, round tables, besides, were regularly spent, also at the international level.

So, the Guild was the official organizer of 55th congress «International Institute of public finances» in which work representatives of 36 countries of the world have taken part. Members of the Guild conducted active research and publishing activity: published the annual collection of scientifically-analytical and information materials — the «Bulletin of Fantasist», have published 3 volumes of the «Bank system of Russia» and the «Financially-credit encyclopedic dictionary», awarded premium of the President.

The Guild accepted active participation in overcoming of financial crisis 1998. Scientific forecasts and the recommendations developed by Guild always enjoyed authority in the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Russian Federation. Gradually Guild activity acquires the international character.

After the Guild began to create and expand a network of foreign representations, has been decided to replace its status on International and to make respective changes in the Charter. The decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation from 20 of January 2009, regional social union «FINANCIERS GUILD», has received the new high status of the International social union. Now Guild representations in Ukraine, Moldova, Republic Kazakhstan are opened, prepare for representation opening in Belarus, Azerbaijan, and also in the far abroad countries — Germany, Spain, the UK and the USA.

Many authorized positions of Guild continue almost two hundred year’s tradition «Guilds of bankers and notable merchants», putting on the first place high professional and ethical requirements to the members, underlining their special responsibility. New mission of «FINANCIERS GUILD» is connected with processes of globalization in the field of economy and the finance. The president of Guild now is the vice-premier of the Government of Russia, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Kudrin Alexey Leonidovich.
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