The Commission began work on the Interparliamentary Relations IFG
As part of the Guild began its work as the Commission on interparliamentary and international relations. «The Commission was established in collaboration with partner IFG, the Parliamentary Centre of the Federal Assembly «High technology, intellectual property». Committee Chair — Ilin A.

Program of the comission
The main policy orientations in the Commission’s activities for 2011 are:
  • participate in the process of establishing an international financial center in Moscow;
  • organization of activities to support the development of the Innovation Center Skolkovo;
  • organization of international cooperation programs in the field of energy, oil and gas and construction industries;
  • international projects in the sphere of high technologies and commercialization of intellectual property.
Program of the Commission in 2011, primarily provides the following objectives:
1. Creating the organizational structure of the Commission:
  • Scientific advisory council of the Commission;
  • Public Council of the Commission;
  • The Board of Trustees of the Commission;
  • Executive Directorate of the Commission;
2. Development of internal regulations of the Commission:
  • The position of the Commission on Membership Regulations of the Board and others;
  • Position on the formation and expenditure of funds;
  • Long-and medium-board activities of the Commission;
3. The organization of the communication program of the Commission:
  • The direction of formal proposals on cooperation with the Commission, heads of international organizations, public authorities, academia, public and commercial structures in Russia and abroad;
  • Participation of leaders and members in national and international events (forums, symposiums, congresses, etc.) and working bodies, established by state or interstate entities (boards, commissions, etc.);
  • Organization of information campaign of the Commission: placing information on the Internet, print media, participation of members in the television and radio programs, the organization of parliamentary hearings, meetings, seminars, forums, congresses, exhibitions, conferences, roundtables, etc