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According to the decision of the Board of the International Guild of Financiers (IFG), led by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, in the period from 18-21 October 2011 is scheduled to hold the first Moscow International Finance Week (MOSINTERFIN). The new international forum should become a major annual event with the objectives of promoting the city of Moscow as an International Financial Center (MIFC) and improve the investment climate in Russia, improve the competitiveness of national financial and banking system and the formation of a broad platform for constructive international dialogue on global financial reform and sustainable economic growth. Read more

As part of the Guild began its work as the Commission on interparliamentary and international relations. «The Commission was established in collaboration with partner IFG, the Parliamentary Centre of the Federal Assembly «High technology, intellectual property». Committee Chair — Ilin A. Read more

Please be informed that the February 10, 2011 in 11-00 will be a meeting of the Board of the International Guild of FINANCIERS "in an enlarged, which will consider the following questions:
  1. The activities of NGO FINANCIERS GUILD in 2010, and the plan for 2011.
  2. On preparing for the "Moscow International Finance Week (MIFW)" and the exhibition «INTERFIN EXPO-2011".
  3. Preparation for the Day financier.
The meeting will be held in Conference Room Board of the Ministry of Finance. Individual invitations to participants will be sent by E-mail.

January 14, 2011 Board meeting, chaired by the President of the Guild of MGF - Alexei Kudrin was considered the initiative of several partner organizations and members of the Guild for the establishment of professional holiday - Day of the financier. It was suggested to set a date for the celebration - September 8, and confined him to the day Emperor Alexander I signed the Manifesto on the establishment of the Ministry of Finance on Sept. 8, 1802 Board decision and invited persons, the proposal will be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Board decision IFG in the Executive Directorate was created by the Department of foreign partners and representative offices in Russia in the function of this structure include:
  • Output in direct contact with top officials of regional administrations responsible for the implementation of PPP investment projects;
  • Assisting in the design of investment projects in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation;
  • Undertaking the preparation of business negotiations, including the selection and analysis of potential contacts matching negotiating objectives;
  • Assisting in the selection of firms to provide audit services accredited by Guild;
  • Providing legal assistance in drafting documents and support contracts;
  • Assessment services for real estate, business, intellectual property rights in accordance with Russian legislation;
  • Services on the selection of qualified personnel for staffing issues on the territory of the Russian Federation ;
  • Security. All kinds of security from business security to protect personal.

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