Chartery documents
1. Charter
2. Certificate about issue of OGRN (the main state Registration number)
3. The Certificate of entry made into the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities
4. The Certificate of registration with a tax authority in the territory of the Russian Federation
5. The Certificate of the State statistics
Club of Design process
G-20 Young
The Russian-British chamber of commerce
Guild of Investment and Financial Analysts
Russian financial group
The International Oil and Gas club
Days of Russia
The committee of support Reforms of the President of Russia
The national center of certification of managing directors
The international association of Nobel movement
Inter-regional institute of the certificated bookkeepers and financialmanagers
Oxford Analytica
School's financial health
The Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen
Assotiation of Russian Banks
The association of regional banks
Business center of cooperation of executive committee of the CIS
Moscow Industrial Bank